Edukasimu is a creative industry under the auspices Disconfis Creative which is engaged in making of digital applications with the theme of education for children.

In addition to helping children to learn, Edukasimu application also helps parents or teachers to educate their children or students.

Vision : Being a leading player in the creative industry in the field of education.

Mision : Make educational apps useful, qualified, and educational.

Education as a Way
to Get Closer With God

If a person travels for the purpose of seeking knowledge, then God will make his journey like a journey to heaven.
- Prophet Muhammad SAW -

Education as a Foundation of
Nation and State

And to promote the general welfare, educate the life of the nation, and participate in carrying out the order of the world.
- UUD Indonesia 1945 -

Education To
Change the World

Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.
- Nelson Mandela -

Let's see our Edukasimu app

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Who is Edukasimu Team ?

Hi, Let's Introduce Our Team. We are a team of educational application makers.
Greetings All :)