Please read carefully if you use our application

Edukasimu is a start up in education by bringing fun, educative, and interactive learning applications. Edukasimu has rules for users in using our app. By using our application, you agree that you will use Edukasimu apps with the terms as below.

Abuse of Application

Users should use Edukasimu app for learning and education purposes. You must use our apps properly, and not misuse our apps to the detriment of others. We are not responsible if there are things that are not desirable due to users who neglect and misuse the application to the detriment of the crowd.

Teachers and Parents Control

Our app should be used with parental or teacher supervision. Children under 15 should not use the app independently. It is expected that parents or teachers can become closer to their students when using this application. We shall not be liable in the event of undesirable events when children under 15 years of age use our app without parental supervision.

Application Usage Time

This application is a supporting application for the learning process, the use of applications is not recommended to be used continuously so that children can not play or read the physical material (books, bulletins, or other physical learning media). It is recommended that parents or teachers limit their children's learning time by using an application from Edukasimu so that children can perform other activities as appropriate.

Support Developers

When you use our application you agree to support the developer in all activities to develop the application. You must defend, maintain good name, and give full support to the developer, in this case is Edukasimu. If one day we get a problem means the user must be ready to defend and support us.

Copyright Privilege Edukasimu

Users or others are prohibited from copying, claiming, and infringing the copyrights of Edukasimu branding, Edukasimu products, and any inherent and developed in Edukasimu. If one day there is a copyright infringement, then the path should be taken in a kinship way. If the path does not result in agreement then it will be pursued through legal channels.

Contact Information

For any questions regarding this User Agreement, please contact